I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while. Over the past few months I’ve been growing more emotionally distant from this blog, and I think it is finally time I cut it off. I will be restarting on a separate account, and I don’t intend to bring my followers, my posts, or anything relating to this blog with me. If we talked and you consider us friends, feel free to send me an ask for the new blog, but otherwise just feel free to unfollow. There are a lot of different reasons I’m ending this blog, so I’m going to explain in full under the cut.

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Winter Palace (Зимний дворец) in St. Petersburg, Russia


two leaf fans


eeee i feel so cute today


what an awesome idea

ボカロらくがきまとめ by レキ@かがパラD-16

permission to upload granted by original artist